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Leveraging genetic-engineering to create “super-plants” that sequester more atmospheric carbon.

At Photome, we’re extremely passionate about climate change. Our mission is to help curb carbon levels in the atmosphere. The Photome approach is harnessing the natural superpowers of photosynthetic organisms and combining genetic engineering to improve their carbon sequestration abilities. Our journey began in January 2019, when we asked the question “Why don’t we gene-edit trees to sequester more carbon?” We realized that many companies were working on machines to sink carbon, but they weren’t efficient enough. Plants and other photosynthetic organisms are naturally good at sequestering carbon and this can be improved even more with genetic-engineering. “Photome” stands for photosynthetic organism genomes. We believe that with a little bit of help plants can slow the carbon crisis.

I'm Lauren a 17 year old looking to make a Change in the world.

In the world, there are so many problems and with all the new exponential technology, there is an opportunity to solve important issues. I like learning and solving these problems in my spare time but you can also find me doing a lot of other things including skiing, curling, playing soccer and taking time to travel and seek discomfort.

I’m Adara a 16 year old moonshot thinker who wants to help create the future.

My mission is to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems by leveraging emerging technologies. I’m an activist, geneticist, innovator, and aspiring genetic engineering, marine biologist, + astronaut. I’m super passionate about terrestrial, marine, + ocean exploration and plant genetics! I spend most of my time figuring out how I can combine technologies to help solve big problems but you can also find me writing, travelling, and watching Disney movies.

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These are our top 3 priorities

Researching photosynthetic organisms

Sequencing the genomes of photosynthetic organisms and studying them to determine the most efficient species.

Identifying key gene

Studying the genomes of the most efficient photosynthetic organism species and identifying key gene families that control photosynthesis.

Increasing carbon sequestration in angiosperms

Genetically engineering angiosperm plants to increase their carbon sequestration abilities.

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Here's some of our recent research and work

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